For inspection in narrow spaces, dark places,
and places where the eye cannot see.

Type BB for small-type portable use@
With a plane 22 mm in diameter or 38 mm in diameter. Its overall length is 380 mm, and its net weight (including two size AA batteries) is 148 g.

Type FS for portable use
Contains a 50-mm-diameter concave mirror and a 25x50 rectangular mirror as a set, and expands the range that can be inspected. Its overall length is 770 mm, and its net weight (including 50-mm concave mirror and three size AAA batteries) is 490 g.@

Type NB (quasi-explosionproof type)
Comes with a flat mirror 50 mm in diameter, and is sealed so that battery gas and explosive gas does not enter the electric bulb part.
Its overall length is 835 mm, and its net weight (50-mm plane and two telephone batteries) is 2,860 g.

Type LA (pistol type)
The mirror angle can be changed by hand, which facilitates inspection.
The size of the mirror is 40x60 mm, its overall length is 400 mm, and its net weight (including two AA batteries) is 255 g.