Company Name Nagamori Electric Works Ltd,
Address 2-14,1chome,Omori Minami Otaku Tokyo 143-0013, JAPAN
Phone Number 03-3741-1165
Fax Number 03-3741-1167

History of the business
Nagamori Denki Shokai Co., Ltd. (Nagammori Electric Trading Company), which was formed an individual business operation in October 1930, mainly sold electrical equipment and wiring materials.
The company subsequently set up a manufacturing division and changed its name to Nagamori Denki Seisakusho Co., Ltd. (Nagamori Electric Factory Co., Ltd.) As home electrical products, we manufacture Star clips (registered as a utility model and design), and we manufacture and sell main switchboards, electric machinery testing equipment, and communications equipment parts.
In July 1943 the company was reorganized and changed its name to Nagamori Electric Works Co., Ltd.
The general demand for the Star clip grew, and during the Second World War it was used in airplane, communications equipment, and submarine recharging. After the war, its range of uses generally expanded, and the quantity produced gradually rose.
In 1949, under the guidance of the traffic section of the National Police Agency, the Star signal light (registered as a utility model and design) was developed as an illuminated policeman's nightstick, and today it is used for signaling in traffic control and to guide airplanes on airport runways, having become a designated product for foreign and domestic airlines, for the Ground, Marine, and Air Self-Defense Forces, and for the Maritime Safety Agency.
In 1950, feeling the need for inspection of the interiors of machinery, the Star inspection scope and inspection light (utility model) was developed. It is in wide use today by foreign and domestic airlines, shipping companies, shipbuilding companies, the Ground, Marine, and Air Self-Defense Forces, the Maritime Safety Agency, machinery manufacturers, valve manufacturers, boiler manufacturers, and drum can companies. In 1957 the Starlight driver (registered as a utility model and design) was developed as a lighted screwdriver. This product is mainly exported, but it has been adopted by various electric power companies, NTT, and broadcast stations.
In 1959 the Starlight driver was improved to develop the Starlamp tester, which is exported and has been adopted by NTT. Since then the number of models of Star signal lights and Star inspection lights has grown, and today products have been developed to meet all kinds of needs.